DCS Holdings Limited is partnered with Cathexis, a company thatprovides sophisticated digital Surveillance options, tools and functionality to satisfy all security and infrastructure management requirements across a wide variety of market sectors.

Other Services provided by Cathexis include:
» I.P Camera support.
» Multi-server site management off site and multi-site monitoring.
» Storage solutions.
» Third Party Systems Intergration.




ACE Blast film is a micro-thin transparent window laminate that turns regular glass into barriers that can resist the force of small firearms, bombs, high impact projectiles and servere weather. The product is virtually invisible once applied to your exisiting or windows.

DCS can help you;
» Retrofit exisiting buildings and windows.
» Secure buildings quickly and discretely.
» Use exisiting window frames and wall assembly without undertaking reconstruction or reinforcing.
» Reduce cost.

DCS installs this security laminate from ACE security&, a firm located in Ottawa, Canada. ACE Security& has installed blast films in over 40 countries protecting 40 people and premises has been their primary core of business.

DCS technicians are trained by the ACE team and advise building owners, architects and clients on thier building security requirements, and in the installation of security glass window blast films. We buy you time during an accident -a thicker glass without protection remains unsafe in a security threat.

Risk Analysis of security systems are conducted before and after installations of client sites. The blast films from ACE& can help you meet current threats and build for the future. The security laminated are discrete and effective and can be installed on your current built-form, helping you secure a building quickly and cost efficiently.


DCS has been working with HIK Vision for 9 years. We are one of 2,400 partnes of HIK Vision and introduced excellent HIK Visions into Africa by utilising them in all bank installations.

» HIK Visionhas trained our technicians on installtion, repair and maintenance - to provide clients with firsthand support - on all equipment.
» With HIK VIson hardware and software, we are able to intergrate with third party manufactuerers of access control systems, alarms and many more.



DCS Holdings Limited is partnered with Mirasys™ Limited, a Finnish company regarded as one of the worlds leading suppliers of open platform Video Management Software(VMS) for camers surveillance applications.

Key Mirasys™ products we supply and install include:
» Meets the most challenging enterprise security applications.
» Provies support for up to 60 Cameras, 16 audio channels and 32 text channels

Mirasys Touch
» V-series: Hybrid video recorders that support both legacy analogue cameras and all leading IP camera.
N-Series: Range of netwok video recorders that suppoer all leading IP camera.
»Both B and V Series systems are supplied with NVR Enterprise software.