Founded in 1991, Digital Control Systems (DCS) holdings limited is a leading security systems provider based in lusaka, Zambia. We provide security ICT solutions in collaborations with a wide range of industry-renowned manufacturiers including HIK Vision and Mirasya.

DCS offers an extensive portfolio of innocvative, high-quality and ergonomic products to meet our clients requirements using intelligent functionality and modular concepts. We provide a wide range of packages - from stand-alone systems to intergrated applications - all tailored for our clients.

The success and growth of DCS are direct results of our unparalleled technical team and support services conducted by thoroughly trained technicians as well as our up-to-date, high quality products from around the world.These factors have made us a top choice for a large number of clientele.

DCS has a bright future! Our vision is to have a countrywide secure network.

We, as a company, asure all of our clients of the confidentiality no matter the customer's security requirements. We go by assurances that no business, propsosed nor ongoing will be discussed with a third party